The Student Blogging Challenge for this week has been to communicate ideas about our ‘passions’. Students have had the opportunity to present their ideas with a mix of visual, written and sound elements by using Voki, Animoto or text and pictures.
Have a look at some of the student blogs.

Listen to Shawn’s Voki. He explains what his passion is.

Read about Onethra’s passions here.

My Passion
One of my passions is travelling. I love to visit different places, meet people, and learn about cultures and language. During the last Christmas holidays my family and I explored London and Paris. It was a very busy time of the year. One of my most memorable days was Christmas eve when we visited Hamley’s Toy Shop. It was absolutely packed with people. As we came into the shop we were herded like sheep up the escalators until we got to about the fourth floor. The atmosphere was noisy and hectic. People seemed desperate to do their last minute Christmas shopping. I couldn’t wait to get out of there!
Here is a bit of video footage of Regent Street on Christmas Eve. It might give you a picture of how packed it was.

Another trip that stands out in my mind is visiting the Sacre Coeur, a church situated at the top of a hill, from where you get an amazing view of the sprawling city of Paris. At the front of the church on that particular day was a performer who was doing amazing tricks with a soccer ball. We were mesmerised by his skill. Check him out here.

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