Room 2.1
19 Nov 2012

Premier’s Reading Challenge Success!

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Our class was able to celebrate successful completion of the Premier’s Reading Challenge at assembly last week!

Congratulations Room 2.1!

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5 Responses to “Premier’s Reading Challenge Success!”

  1. Payton from Mrs. Herod's class Says:

    Way to go, we have a reading challenge too. It’s called the 30 book challenge. For the challenge we have to read 30 books but we have to read a certain amount of certain genres.

  2. struan Says:

    hi i am struan im from Islay i have a question what is a reading challenge?

  3. mirren Says:

    Hi my name is Mirren I don’t think I could read 30 books!
    How long did it take you?
    Isle of Islay.

  4. Emily (port ellen primary) Says:

    Hi, how many different genres did you have to read? what was your favourite o type of book to read?


  5. cameron (port ellen primary) Says:

    sounds like a nice day we got a voucher

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