Room 2.1
29 Jan 2013

Room 2.1 – 2013

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A new blog has been created for our new Room 2.1 class. Visit it here:


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11 Dec 2012

Review of 2012

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We enjoyed:

Celebration Night

Free Time on computers


Creating the blogs

Learning about dialogue

Working on Edmodo and Vokis

Learning new computer techniques like: Voki, SlideRocket, Audacity and Animoto

Arbury Park Camp

Surf Safety

Making new friends

Using the iPad

Reading with our Buddies

Researching Leafy Seadragons

Puppet show


Making your own stories

Having PE with Ms Hyde

Doing the homework tasks

PowerPoint about Remembrance Day

Connecting with American friends

Making a periscope with mirrors

Sports Day

District Day


Doing Electives and Research tasks – Australia and animals


Cross Country

The Olympics tasks (dolls and interviews)

Recess and lunch

Fun run

Helping in the library

Match box museum

Author’s message with Graeme Base

Some reflections on learning:

Olympics – Baron Pierre de Coubertin invented the modern Games

How to use decimals and write decimals

How to use a blog to connect with other people

In the ancient Olympics games if women were found watching they could be persecuted

The symbol for Centimetres squares is cm2 and is used to measure area

How to use a number line to calculate the differences between two numbers

Roman numerals

Competitors had to compete naked in the Ancient Olympics

I learnt that Book Safari is a widget in Room 2.1

I learnt how to use punctuation in descriptive writting  



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10 Dec 2012

End of Term Pack Up

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Today students sorted out their trays. They have brought home the bulk of their books and term’s work tonight. The only things they still have at school are their grey Assessment Folder, and maths book which will come home tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow you should find in student Assessment Portfolios:

  • One Minute Number Facts Test from February
  • Fractions Pre and Post Test
  • Numeration Test A and B
  • Error Analysis of Spelling
  • Addition Test A
  • Persuasive Writing Assessment
  • Tables Matrix
  • Interview Notes and Goals for Term 2
  • Brochure – Student (autobiography) and Place in SA
  • Olympics Brainstorm – Pre and Post
  • Term 3 Language Rubruc and Message related to Olympics Assignment, plus Information Report about The Olympics
  • Goals review for Term 3
  • Area Test (October)
  • Homework Tasks Assessment Term 4
  • Term 4 Reading Assignment: Traditional Tales
  • Champions Read Home reading sheet and Certificates to show nights read
  • Shadow Puppet (Charlotte’s Web)
  • Sheets that we have been using to develop mental computation strategies (0-100 chart, clock faces)

On student blogs you should also be able to find further examples of student learning over the course of the year. Many have been working particularly hard to complete their narratives on their blogs and to also show what they have learnt about two and three dimensional shapes.

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26 Nov 2012

Charlotte’s Web – Final Chapters

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26 Nov 2012

Shadow Puppets – Charlotte’s Web

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26 Nov 2012

Homework Week 8, Term 4

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Found smells
Go for a walk. Make a list of all the smells in your neighbourhood. Be as detailed as possible. Attempt to identify sources.
Record on your blog.

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19 Nov 2012

Premier’s Reading Challenge Success!

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Our class was able to celebrate successful completion of the Premier’s Reading Challenge at assembly last week!

Congratulations Room 2.1!

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19 Nov 2012

Homework Week 7, Term4

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Found Patterns
Collect or document as many patterns as you can find while on your travels. You may decide to use only patterns in nature, or human-made, or both. Pencil rubbings work well for this.

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13 Nov 2012


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Today students worked on writing some dialogue of their own to go with the characters from Charlotte’s Web. The focus of the lesson was on using the correct punctuation.
Many students found it helpful to reflect on yesterday’s session with our shadow puppets. We will be ready to perform soon.
Student came up with some great ideas for dialogue, and seemed to understand how this can be used to get information across to the reader about characters and events.
Check out student blogs to see their work.
Angelica did a great job of hers. Leave a comment on her blog to let her know what you think.

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13 Nov 2012


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Jordan D – for staying on task and being a good friend
Jasmine P – for staying on task and not getting distracted
Hany, Cooper, Jordan D – for being good friends
Abrar – for staying on task and caring
Theodore – for trying his best at every task
Ella and Sylvie – for staying on task and being good friends
Riley – for helping in PE, staying on task and being a good friend
Millie and Breanna – for helping out in the classroom and being good friends
Millie and Jaz – for staying focused and being good friends
Shawn – for staying on task, and trying his best in Japanese and all other lessons
Breanna – for staying on task
Breanna, Charlie, Onethra – being good friends and staying on task
Lauren – for staying focused, for helping other people
Theodore – for concentrating on work and helping others when they need it

The whole class – for doing a great presentation for Remembrance Day
Cooper, Jayden, Jordan D for being good friends
Jaz and Lauren – for staying on task

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